Lessons From Defeat Of Saratoga County Family Court Judge Gilbert Abramson

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The court supervisor’s office might have a different office or location, for just a main court house. If the supervisor says no, could possibly send a polite letter to the presiding judge lawyer.

According to your prosecution, after a day of target practice with his father, Gene Christofferson made his way from his home on Bachelor Flat Road in St. Helens, to Mahon’s single-wide trailer on Cobblestone Road in Scappoose.

William Mahon and his two children, then 8 and many years old, were home just. They were watching a film on a hide-a-bed and mattress over a floor on the inside living room, opposite a sliding clear glass door covered by using a curtain. That sliding clear glass door led together with a deck to the back side of a clip.

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On August. 26, 2009, a Columbia County Jury convicted 22-year-old Gene Christofferson in the attempted murder of William Mahon. He was also convicted 1 side count of assault each morning first degree, three counts of burglary in one way degree some thing count of recklessly endangering another guy / girl.