Detroit Court Reporter Submits 2 Different Transcripts After Contempt Sentence

On Aug. 26, 2009, a Columbia County Jury convicted 22-year-old Gene Christofferson in the attempted murder of William Mahon. He was also convicted 1 side count of assault all of the first degree, three counts of burglary in your initial degree as well as something count of recklessly endangering another citizen.

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Gene Christofferson fired along with sliding glass door and curtain, then stepped inside the trailer, then fired several more rounds, nine altogether. Seven of those shots hit Mahon in some part of his body. Mahon said that that one shot shattered his arm, another bullet lodged associated with clavicle, one lodged component left buttock. At the hospital, doctors removed a bullet from his colon, from his right chest and from his right hip. Another bullet was removed from his back after the wound became infected. Three of those seven bullets remain in his body today. Mahon spent 40 days inside hospital following the shooting, with several inches of his colon satisfied. He wore a colostomy bag for eight months together numerous surgeries following the incident.